Standing up for Canadian Workers, Defending Canada’s Economy

Earlier this year, the Federal Government introduced Bill C-69 as an attempt to impose new impact assessment measures on Canadian resource sector projects. If passed, Bill C-69 will make the approval process for new energy projects unworkable, potentially costing Canadian workers their jobs and putting Canada’s economic prosperity at risk

Enter Save Canadian Jobs—a campaign-based coalition launched today—concerned over the potential harm Bill C-69 will have on the economy and the jobs of hard-working Canadians. 

Bill C-69 will become law unless we convince the Senate of Canada to fix it.  We need to make sure decision-makers across the country know how much this bill could hurt Canadians from coast-to-coast-to-coast.  

And that’s where you come in.  

By getting involved with our coalition, you can help us raise awareness about the negative effects of Bill C-69 and mobilize like-minded Canadians to take action through contacting Senators across Canada.  

Whether you’re a worker in the natural resource sector or someone filling up at the gas station, this issue affects all of us

Get involved today—and help us Save Canadian Jobs