Jason Kenney meets Justin Trudeau: Round One

Alberta’s fiery new premier lands in his old stomping grounds today. Jason Kenney will meet Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Parliament Hill at 1:30 pm ET. That tête-à-tête comes only a few hours after Kenney and his energy minister, Sonya Savage, testify at the Senate on Bill C-69, the Liberals’ attempt to overhaul the federal review process for major infrastructure projects. Whatever will Kenney, back in the capital after a few years away, find to talk about with the PM? [David Akin tweetSenate agenda]

For a primer on Kenney’s first days in office, and the approach to governing he may take in the days to come, don’t miss the latest from Maclean’s Alberta correspondent Jason Markusoff. Our man out west observes that for all Kenney’s bombast, he “doesn’t underestimate the quiet effectiveness of the humble blow-dart to knock out foes.” (Also, Markusoff reports on a certain pro-carbon tax conservative’s new gig in Alberta, courtesy the new premier. Follow the link for more.) [Maclean’s]

Speaking of C-69: Whenever Liberals in Ottawa try to find a middle ground in any conversation about resource development, they end up facing an angry mob somewhere. Yesterday, it was industry’s turn to be skeptical of proposed new environmental assessment rules for big projects that require close federal scrutiny. [The Globe and Mail]

Government officials, who spoke to reporters on background, made assurances that certain major projects would be exempted if the provinces in which they’re proposed have committed to a carbon emissions cap. And CBC News reported that officials said new regulations would only apply to “nationally significant” projects that fall under federal jurisdiction. But industry folks fear government overreach and a public participation process that could unreasonably disrupt hearings. [CBC News]

What’s that? Environmentalists were also upset? Because they disagree with those exemptions for certain large projects? Oh. [iPolitics]

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