CKRM The Source: Pro-pipeline rally planned for Moosomin this weekend

A pro-pipeline and pro-resource rally will be held in Moosomin over the weekend.

The rally has been organized to hear what political leaders have to say about the Energy East project and local industries being challenged by the lack of pipelines in Canada.

The Energy East project, a 1,050,000 barrel tank farm planned for the Moosomin Compressor Station and a feeder pipeline from Manitoba to the Moosomin Compressor Station, was cancelled. In December, a delegation from Moosomin met with Saskatchewan Deputy Premier Gord Wyant to discuss ways the province could help rally support among provincial governments for creating the conditions at the federal level for pipeline projects to move forward.

Chair of the rally Sinc Harrison said this weekend’s rally will feature speeches from Federal Leader of the Opposition Andrew Scheer, Premier Scott Moe and other dignitaries. “It’s going to be presentations from the stage. Unfortunately we can’t open it up to questions because Mr. Scheer and others have a time commitment. So it will be presentations and if they are available afterwards, maybe some questions.”

Harrison said another featured concern is Bill C-69, which is currently before the senate, and has stirred controversy of holding back pipelines in put into place. “It’s important that this legislation is pulled and our next step after the rally is to make representation to the senate committee where we will either go to Ottawa, or hopefully the senate committee will make its way across Canada and we can make representation.”

He added that the event has an open invitation , so people can come from anywhere. “We are having a barbecue being put on by the cattlemen, they’re preparing 1,200 hamburgers to be served afterwards. We’ve got room for 2,000 inside the IJack facility, just North of Moosomin, and there will be speakers outside if everybody can’t get in.”

The rally will start at 11:00am on Saturday.

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