Our coalition requests that the bill be amended so it can accomplish the goals it set out to achieve. 


Remove political interference

The bill gives politicians the power to deny projects without transparency or explanation. Interference exposes the process to political partisanship and reduces confidence in the process.   



Honour the roles of provinces

Added bureaucracy reduces the roles of provinces in the process in favour of creating yet another panel review. It is important the bill recognize the roles of provinces, non-partisan regulators, and the principles of the Atlantic Accord Acts. 



Define review process timeline

Undefined timelines are costly and create uncertainty about the process. The lack of clear timelines set the expectation that investors should spend large amounts of money and people should wait for jobs without any idea whether a project will get approved. 



Value the voices of local communities

The voices of local communities immediately impacted by projects are important and should be prioritized and valued. Bill C-69 insists that larger narratives beyond local communities are more important and should be valued more than local communities. 



Consider the merits of the project

We ask that all projects that are under review be judged on their merit and not based on larger public policy debates. 



Exclude routine projects from review

We need to cut unnecessary red tapes to deliver good paying jobs to hardworking Canadians. Routine projects are just that, routine. They should not be forced to undergo another long review process. 



Provide clarity around the Regional Assessment process


The regional assessment process has great potential to help the review process be more efficient. Our coalition asks the regional assessment process be clarified in the bill.



Consider economic benefit an important factor

 As written, the bill lists the economy as one of a long list of factors that also must be considered. The government must amend the law to consider the importance of economic benefit, of putting Canadians back to work, and of strengthening Canada’s economy.