Save Canadian Jobs.
Fix Bill C-69.


Canadian jobs are at risk.

Canada’s natural resources have long been the backbone of our prosperity. But just as we should be building natural resource projects, the federal government is creating greater uncertainty for those who want to create jobs in Canada.

Earlier this year, the Federal Government introduced Bill C-69 as an attempt to impose new environmental assessment measures on Canada’s resource sector. While well-intentioned, the bill adds new layers of bureaucracy, higher costs, and lengthier delays to natural resource project approvals—meaning Canada will have an uncertain regulatory environment, which will drive investment and more jobs out of Canada.

Bill C-69 is about to become law, unless we convince the Senate of Canada to fix it. Help us save Canadian jobs.


Why The Senate Needs to Fix Bill C-69


Bill C-69 puts Canada’s economic prosperity at risk.

If passed, the National Energy Board will be replaced by a new agency that is tasked with assessing energy projects. The bill provides no hard timelines at important stages of a project’s review and introduces more red-tape which will hold up project approvals. This will have a debilitating impact on Canada’s economy and deter Canada’s ability to provide product to global markets. 

Major projects simply won’t happen in Canada and Canadians will pay the price in lost jobs and opportunity.



A flawed piece of legislation. Bill C-69:

  • Adds new layers of bureaucracy, higher costs, and lengthier delays to project approvals.

  • Does not encourage investment in Canada’s natural resources. The new agency is not directed to assess job-creation, investment, or the growth of provincial economies.

  • Does not put Canadians jobs first.

  • Allows the Environment Minister to STOP THE CLOCK on any assessment, which could lead to significant delays. The government is even allowed to suspend time limits.

  • Undermines opportunities for indigenous peoples to advance economic development in their communities, by allowing any person or group from anywhere to have a say in whether a project can move forward.

  • Was only sent to the Environment and Sustainable Development Committee instead of the Natural Resources Committee, the Transport Committee, the International Trade Committee, or even the Finance Committee. These are all areas affected by Bill C-69, but were not reviewed by the appropriate House of Commons committees.


What you can do to help

Bill C-69 is being debated now. Joining our coalition is the most important thing you can do to ensure our country’s prosperity.


Join our Coalition

Join our Coalition today to tell the Senate that it’s time to Fix Bill C-69.

Through our coalition, we will keep you up-to-date with the progress of the bill and find out which Senators are supporting our cause. Stand with countless Canadians who believe that this bill will hurt our economy and prosperity.


Contact a Senator Directly

We need Canadians from coast-to-coast-to-coast to contact sitting senators and elected officials, asking them to fix Bill C-69 before it becomes law.

With the Senate set to debate the bill soon, we need to make sure that Senators hear from you directly.


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